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OPAL case study 34: Open Educational Resources Project (OERP), Bradford University, UK

The Bradford Open and Mobile Education Open Education Resources Project (BRome) is funded by...

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6 May 2010

The Bradford Open and Mobile Education Open Education Resources Project (BRome) is funded by HEFCE/JISC/HEA: This project will involve the release of high quality open educational resources.  These materials are based within the subject area of law and are presently collated within eLearning packages which will be subsequently deconstructed into their component parts to enable repurposing.

Although this proposal is primarily based around the release of open educational resources other benefits can be found by taking a chronological view of the material release strategy from creation through to reuse.  By taking this approach other elements related to the release of materials can be considered such as clearances, licences and the requirement for disabled access both from a staff use and student use perspective.  However, this proposal is led primarily by the release of quality content, as the reluctance to use open educational resource materials due to concerns about quality is an issue that has been a significant stumbling block to the uptake and embedding of rich media open source content his in turn ties into a related theme: The majority of computer usage within university educational context is through the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs).  These VLEs are used by the vast majority of staff as electronic filing cabinets.  This is not in itself problematic, however the VLEs offer the potential to offer interactive rich media that can significantly enhance the learning experience, indeed a viable private sector business model has evolved from this type of delivery. The project will also evidence that an individual can be accredited with the work he or she has provided, and prevent any feelings that the individuals marketable skill set has been in some way compromised or eroded by the release of materials as an open educational resource.  The above issues form important but ultimately supplemental strands of the proposal. 

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