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OPAL case study 51: BC Campus, Canada

An OER case study that has been mapped to the OPAL template

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6 May 2010

In the Canadian province of British Columbia the BCCampus OER initiative has been implemented in all 25 public post secondary institutions which provide about 180,000 student spaces to urban and rural students dispersed over an area which is larger than France and Germany combined. All 25 institutions are producing OER and the primary focus of OER development is by multi-institutional partnerships, i.e. these partnerships involve faculty from more than one institution. However the initiative is limited in ‘openness’ to the 25 institutions in British Columbia.

This case study has been mapped to the OPAL template.  A link to the full case study will be added in due course,

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OPAL case study template for BCCampus

OPAL case study template for BCCampus

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Amal A. Khalil
3:51am 15 May 2010

When I tried to access this document it gave me a message saying that "This document has either been removed or made private by its owner", so is there any other way to access it?

Gráinne Conole
10:25am 15 May 2010

Hi Amal

Not sure what the problem is - will get Juliette to look at on monday. I've just tried and it was fine. When I clicked on download it sent an email verificaiton to my email address and I could access from there. You may need to set up a slideshare account first, suggest trying that and let us know if it works! We delibrately don't keep documents on the Cloudworks site for two reasons - i) we want to utlise existing services that do it anyway such as Slideshare ii) there are possible legal issues with hosting third party material.

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