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OPAL case study 54: AVO-SOMETU project, Finland

An OER case study that is based on a series of interviews

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6 May 2010

The scope of the AVO-project is to strengthen the production of open content with high quality; train and network key experts; create new networks of peer learning for experts of different fields; develop school as a learning community of practice where teachers and pupils are learners; generate open and multidimensional learning environment and strengthen active citizenship and democracy. SOMETU is a network and forum for people who are interested in the potential that social media offers for learning. It is a tool to help expand knowledge, and also promotes business, eDemocracy, citizen activism and leisure activities in the digital age. Development of SOMETU is supported by the AVO-Project at present.


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OPAL case study template for AVO-SOMETU

OPAL case study template for AVO-SOMETU

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