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Activity: Lens 3: Use of technology

Activity designed for the OULDI-LSBU workshop May 2010

Cloud created by:

Rebecca Galley
10 May 2010

In this activity you will look at your learning design with a focus on your use of technology.  For this exercise the term ‘technology’ can be broadly interpreted. Ensure that pedagogy informs your choice of technology, not the other way round!

 Choose whether you want to explore the use of technology for 1) curriculum design, or 2) course delivery and/or assessment

Tools and resources

Your whole module outcomes(s)

Your Storyboard

Your Course Map

The Phoebe teaching and technology guidance

CompendiumLD stickers (see below) and an A3 piece of paper (option 1)

Scissors and pens (option 1)

eTivity templates (option 2)

Option 1: CompendiumLD Task Swimlane Activity (25 mins)

  1. Choose just one week from your Storyboard to focus on
  2. Using the CompendiumLD stickers (and the guide if you like) map out the weeks’ learning as far as you can at this stage
  3. Using the different technology stalls and the Pheobe teaching and learning guidance, choose technologies that are pedagogically appropriate
  4. In the ‘Intent and challenges’ column explain why you have chosen the technologies you have and the challenges you may face in implementing them.

 Option 2: Using eTivities for delivery and/or assessment (25 mins)

  1. Examine your Storyboard for an opportunity to use an eTivity to engage the students in a learning or assessment activity.
  2. With reference to the Salmon 5 stage model (in your pack), design an activity that takes account of the stage of the students, according to the model.
  3. Use the eTivity (spark; purpose; task; response) template to set out the activity.  Be sure to set clear parameters, including deadlines, for the activity.
  4. In the ‘Intent and challenges’ frame, briefly set out why you have chosen this activity and list the resources that will need to be employed in its execution.

 To finish (5 minutes)

  1. Transfer your notes to your Storyboard
  2. Check to see if your Course Map needs updating based on the work you have just done
  3. Identify action points for your plan

Extra content

Embedded Content

Task Swimlane key

Task Swimlane key

added by Rebecca Galley

CompendiumLD stickers

CompendiumLD stickers

added by Rebecca Galley