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Activity: Lens 4: Inclusive curriculum

Activity designed for an OULDI-LSBU workshop May 2010

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Rebecca Galley
10 May 2010

Inclusivity means proactive rather than reactive consideration of your students learning styles, gender, cultural background, health/disability status, values and experiences. In this activity you will look at your learning design with a focus on embedded inclusivity.

 Tools and resources

Your whole module outcome(s)

Your Storyboard

Your Course Map

Your Action Plan

Pedagogic Profile

Post-it notes


 Designing for inclusivity (25 minutes)

  1. Begin by looking at your chunky outcome. What is the ‘assumed knowledge’? Write these on separate post-it notes.
  2. Using the post-it notes, identify opportunities for students to access knowledge and skills that are assumed on the course. It is likely that you will do this both on your Course Map and Storyboard
  3. Now ensure that you have provided a range of learning opportunities that are appropriate to the subject. Use the pedagogic profile to sketch out the profile of your design so far. What would you like the profile to be?
  4. Identify the resources and tools you plan to use each week and add to your Storyboard. Are any of these tools and resources inherently inaccessible or discriminatory? Could you use alternatives?
  5. Seek help from the specialist stalls in identifying and developing a range of inclusive resources.

 To finish (5 minutes)

  1. Transfer your notes to your Storyboard
  2. Check to see if your Course Map needs updating based on the work you have just done
  3. Update you action plan

Developing an Inclusive Curriculum, UoW

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