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Digital Humanities

The OU runs several digital humanities projects. Follow the link below for more details.

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Rebecca Ferguson
10 May 2010

The OU runs several digital humanities projects.Follow the link below for more details.

You can find out more about them on SocialLearn.

They include

  • Building on History: The Church in London (includes online resource guide to historical archives, including those at Lambeth Palace)
  • Cultures of Brass Instruments: aims to increase understanding of the nature of brass musical instruments, particularly in the research fields of repertoire, performance and reception.
  • Reception of classical texts online database: includes an online database of modern performance of ancient Greek texts.
  • Open Arts Archive: a major website and archive, hosted by the Art History Department at the Open University.
  • Reading Experience Database: currently contains more than 25,000 records.
  • Making Britain: South Asian Visions of Home and Abroad 1870-1950:  inter-disciplinary venture examining the formative South Asian contribution to Britain’s literary, political and cultural life.

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Rebecca Ferguson
11:39am 26 July 2010

The University of Oxford's Project Woruldhord web site is part of the JISC-funded initiative Runcoco: How to Run a Community Collection Online and sets out to collect together into an online hoard, digital objects related to the teaching, study, or research of Old English and the Anglo-Saxon period of history. The collection is now open, and will close on October 14th 2010. Go to the collection site to make a submission.

Members of the public, of academia, of special interest groups are asked to submit via an online web site any images, documents, audio, video they have of material they would be happy to share with the rest of the world to further the study of Old English and the Anglo-Saxons.

Jenny Tester
10:48am 17 November 2010

Upcoming conference:

The University of Copenhagen's Institute of English, German and Romance Studies wishes to announce its upcoming conference on internet research in the humanities: Click-on-Knowledge.

The conference is a three-day event, comprising the presentation of papers, keynote speeches and panel discussions.

The conference will discuss a broad range of issues all concerning the interactions between research and study in the humanities and so-called web-based knowledge. We are seeking speakers who are interested in the production of knowledge and how this production has been affected by the development of the internet. Specifically, the areas we wish to explore involve e-text copyrights, new web-based learning techniques and pod-casting. In examining these subjects, however, our focus is not solely on what is new in the sense of technological developments, but how the new renovates the old. Therefore, another focus of the conference is on the history of knowledge as an idea that can be disseminated by way of such early media as the book, the class room and the library.

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