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A reusable model for an institutional OER - The Leeds Met experience

Simon Thomson and Jakki Sheridan-Ross talking about the Leeds Met UK OER experience at SCORE event...

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Chris Pegler
13 May 2010

Simon Thomson and Jakki Sheridan-Ross talking about the Leeds Met UK OER experience at SCORE event in Leeds, 13 May 2010.

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How to introduce change in OER awareness and changing activity across multiple faculties. Simon starts off by talking about the background of Unicycle. Its institutional, so working across faculties was important.  Leeds Met. has had a history of strong whole university approach to staff development but this did not work well - attracted very few attendees - for a centralised OER support unit. Built activity and dissemination around teaching fellows (60 at Leeds Met) and these all work within Technlogy Enhanced Learning and Assessment, Learning and Teaching teams. Simon was already a teaching fellow so he's part of the team after the project (and was one before? so understood them and had a relationship with them?)

Questions about IPR were sent to Library where there already was copyright expertise rather than trying to set this up for the project separateley. That was part of the embedding.

Emphasised Reward and Recognition factor. The project legitimised the use of other people's material. Just today he received a THE article which tells of someone from Newcastle University trying to sue someone who is carrying on his teaching (allegedly) using those resoucs for teaching.

You can't pay people for releasing OER. So the question was how to instill a sense of personal value. Legacy appealed to 3-4 staff who were leaving. It gave them time to rework and consolidate. The idea of creating a time capsule of their work was appealing.

Another approach wasabout embedding through HR so that staff could use release of OER as one of their SMART objectives.The HEA has already said that it will start thinking about OER release as being one element of evidence that can be used in a National Teaching Fellowship case.

Survey of staff show that no staff fail to see the value are unsure about how to use this. Working towards embedding, Not creating something new at Leeds Met, and verymuch working with the grain


Chris Pegler
09:32 on 13 May 2010

Jakki now talking about the process. Around 15 minutes to upload. Some of the resources coming were very granular and getting some context when the resources are handed over would be really useful to save her having to think about keywords. Showng Intrallibrary at Leeds Met using Camtasia.

Note that there has been a bulk upload to JorumOpen and the resources are also in the Leeds Met Repository. Set limit of 199Mb for Leeds Met repository uploads. Not a problem in practice. Most video is a link. Require 5 keywords (UKOER is set as one for UNICYCLE).

Same repository system (different section) used for 'reasearch objects'. Nice. This means that staff have one system to get used to for the teaching and learning deposit activity. When entering the Leeds Met Repository there is a homepage which acts as portal to Research or OER. So there is one system (unlike say OU where there are two systems). Since UNICYCLE the repository traffic has quadrupled.

Type of resource list has been developing organically, and its already a long list but perhaps not yet exhuastive. Classify according to the HEA subject centre and JACS code. Select license was added as an extra area because they wanted to show the icon for the type of cc license.

They've evolved a staff culture and a technological approach in Unicycle and this is continuing. Trying to set up applets so that staff working in a particular area can upload very quickly from their desktop. is the URL and its fully open. In JorumOpen as well, and this might be helpful if the physical size of the LeedsMet so that they can point to JorumOpen and maintain a relatively small repository themselves.



Chris Pegler
10:00 on 13 May 2010

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