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What is the latest gift of brain to mankind. ONLINE Learning. ONLINE Learning can benefit 7 billion...

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Muvaffak Ilhan GOZAYDIN
14 May 2010

What is the latest gift of brain to mankind.

ONLINE Learning.

ONLINE Learning can benefit 7 billion of the world from cradle to grave.

ONLINE is for millions and billions.

Since ONLINE can be shared by million its almost costless. If accessed by 1 million per year cost is only 10 cents per year per course.

The most congested population is K12 .

Turkey is the only country in the world to have online 100 % to all its 15.000.000 K12 population.

And free. It is an example to the world.

It is the social responsibility project of Turk Telecom .

Same can be done in the USA by Microsoft for 60.000.000 K12 students. Why not.

It is a matter of vision.

In fact we have the English versions of all K12 contents  we are willing to share it with USA .

Coming to higher education.

Higher education is more universal. All nations go to each other to get higher education.

A fantastic  project  in the USA has great vision.

They offer 150 or so contents in almost every field from Yale, Princeton,, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia, Uni of Michigan, Oxford, Cambridge, London Uni. and more in the near future. All courses are fantastic. Anybody in the world can access a Yale course as a Yale Students at Yale Campus can access. The exactly the same lectures and materials, homeworks, exams. It is free. Iam opposed to that. I ask them to charge a nominal $ 10-20 per course for sustainability. If a course is taken by millions in the world  it is a good income for the sustainability  and enlargement of the project.

Plus there are some others. But rather than creating more sources it is much better to support the since it proved itself and it is a perfect working project without any doubt.

Let us have our vision to enlarge  as soon as possible. courses can be shared by

Community Colleges of USA

Other colleges and Universities of USA

Whole world universities and colleges

1-2 billion can reach them.

Please look at the matter as a brand name. An online by an unknown university is worthless internationaly.  So we have to support They have the best name in town and in the world. They can also develop more courses according to requirements of other community colleges and colleges., since they will have resources once they sell courses at $ 10-20 .

The first job of ICDE is to classify all OER material. Let us do not encourage free things but nominal prices. I do give a job to ICDE  to  support, promote disseminate in the worl  from Turkey     Visionary   at ONLINE .



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