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An eye for style

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Perry Williams
4 November 2008

Style, for example in architecture or the visual arts, is a complex thing. Learning it involves acquiring the skill to recognise and interpret specific visual cues, as well as becoming familiar with the technical vocabulary to talk about style.

The OpenLearn unit on Brighton Pavilion teaches students about the complex mixture of styles embodied in the building through a wide range of audio-visual resources, including a floor plan of the building, contemporary watercolours of the exterior and interiors, text extracts giving contemporary responses to the building, and a video tour through the building, with costumed actors presenting the reaction of visitors on its first opening.

Students work through structured exercises to focus on specific aspects, and returning repeatedly to certain resources throughout the unit, students are asked to make increasingly sophisticated observations and interpretations. The text following each exercise ensures that they do not miss any points and are able to keep up with the progression.

There are several CompendiumLD maps for this OpenLearn unit. [A202 course team, Open University]

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