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Educomics - Using digital comics in the classroom

Educomics is a EU project you can contribute

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Joel Josephson
18 May 2010

Educomics is a European Union education project. It has built sets of resource materials for teachers based on research and piloting in EU schools, so that teachers will have clear examples and guides to use digital comics in their teaching practice.

You can try digital comics in your school but please let us know what happened?

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added by Joel Josephson

Tap into the world of comics (incl 21 ways of using comics)

Tap into the world of comics (incl 21 ways of using comics)

added by Rebecca Galley


Rebecca Galley
9:32am 14 September 2011

Hi there, I've just been looking for some comic strip creators that could be used in education and have added links to the ones that have been recommended to me (thanks again @jamesclay & @plug103 for your recommendations via Twitter!)

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