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Teaching students about the politics of the Middle East using role play - a CompendiumLD activity design

Middle east role play

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Andrew Brasher
18 May 2010

Middle east role play

The image below shows an excerpt from an activity for teaching students about the politics of the Middle East using role play. It shows some background information about the use of simulations and role playing in teaching, as well as the learning activity itself. It uses nodes from CompeendiumLD's core learning design stencil, and the clock timing indicator from the sequence mappping stencil.

This learning activity is based on a paper written in 1998 (Vincent, A. and Shepherd, J. (1998)). You can download the source file and try modifying it to use more recent internet technologies. To edit or extend this design, save this role play activity file to your comoputer, then load it into CompendiumLD using the 'File->Import->Learning design file..' option to import the .zip file. Alternatively, if you just want to to see a full interactive view of the activity, click on the image below. The image shown below has been created using the export 'Web Maps" option, available via the 'File' menu in CompendiumLD.

Refercences and resources about the Middle east role play Background information about role play simulations The learning activity

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