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How to...sharing a CompendiumLD Learning Design on Cloudworks

Support guide for sharing CompendiumLD Designs in Cloudworks

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Rebecca Galley
18 May 2010

Sharing, discussing and downloading a CompendiumLD learning design is easy to do using Cloudworks.  Ideally Learning Design Clouds should include as a minimum both a picture of the design, a link to the zip file for others to download, and some explaination about the context it has been designed for (and possibly how well it's worked!) You may also choose to embed a video or slideshow, add links to resources such as websites and documents or add underpinning academic references. All of these will help promote discussion around the design.

Sharing a design

Cloudworks is not a repository so it is not possible to upload a file directly to a site. In this guide we will assume that you will use Flickr to store Learning Design .jpegs and Google docs to store your zip file but you could use other repositories, or even your own website.

Before you start, get a .jpeg (image file) of your design from CompendiumLD by opening the design, clicking on File > Export > Jpeg image file. Save the file and upload to Flickr (for more info go to Flickr FAQ). Then export the learning design in a zip file by clicking on File > Export > Learning design file. Save this to your desktop and then upload to Google docs. Make sure that you have allowed sharing by clicking on Sharing > Get the link to share> Allow anyone with link to view.


Set up a new Cloud by clicking on 'Create a Cloud'.

Title: Name your design

Text: Give a quick description of your design and the context in which you have used it. You may also want to explain what feedback or discussion you would like around your design i.e. would you like people to try it out and then tell you how they used it? Would you like suggestions about how to solve a design problem? Would you like technical or pedagogical advice?

Add a link: Add the link to the zip file that you were given by Google docs

Once you have clicked on 'create a Cloud' you will be asked to add tags (to help others find your design) and then go to the Cloud. When you go to the Cloud, click on add embedded content and add the URL for your design image in Flickr.

Finally add your Cloud to the 'Learning Activity Designs' Cloudscape by clicking on 'Add Cloud to Cloudscape' then searching for 'Learning Activity Designs' and clicking on 'Add Cloud to Cloudscape'.


Extra content

Embedded Content


Rebecca Galley
2:37pm 18 May 2010

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