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Hello, so we are only a few weeks away from our Fifth International Blended Learning Conference....

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Mark Russell
20 May 2010

Hello, so we are only a few weeks away from our Fifth International Blended Learning Conference. Fifth, wow, where did all those years go?

This year we are continuing with our links with Calgary and the University of Queensland.

Thought I would add this cloud to the IBLC cloudscape to give you a space to say Hi and let us know what things are currently in your (blended learning?) area of interest.


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Peter R Bullen
3:08pm 27 May 2010

Hi mark

Its great to use Cloudworks to support the conference. Will be interesting to see how much this will help in supporting the conference theme of 'blended learning communities'. it will also be interesting to compare with previous years use of Ning . Is the Ning site still live?

Marija Cubric
1:42pm 31 May 2010

The NING site is still alive, but it should be closed as soon as this site becomes active (on Tuesday 1st of Jun?)


Marija Cubric
2:00pm 31 May 2010 (Edited 2:02pm 31 May 2010)

Not sure that General discussion is a good candidate for a cloud? A cloud should be about a specific L&T topic?

Peter R Bullen
8:20am 1 June 2010

Good point Marija. I guess that I was thinking that it would make an interesting study - to compare the different approaches we had used for all of our conferences to the pre- and post- conference on-line activity. I like the idea of cloudworks because it opens up the discussion to all, not just to thiose registered for the conference. I can also see benefits from linking to other clouds on similar topics as well.

Mark Russell
8:38am 1 June 2010

Hi Marija,

I added a general discussion cloud to suppliment the T&L oriented clouds.

I wanted to provide a space for online socialisation and also since I was mindful that much of our previous (online) dialogue relating to the confrence was of a social 'hi, this is me' type activity.

Let's see how it goes?



Helen Barefoot
2:42pm 1 June 2010 (Edited 2:43pm 1 June 2010)


 I am running a workshop with Mark Gamble and Maria Papaefthimiou from the QAQE SIG. With delegates, we will be considering the challenges of managing the quality of e-learning, without stifling innovation. It'll be my first time presenting at the conference and  I'm really looking forward to it.


Peter R Bullen
7:34pm 1 June 2010

Following on from Mark's comment I thought I should say 'Hi' to everyone. Hope you are looking forward to the conference as much as i am, although it will be a very different role for me this year.

Bex Lewis
7:54pm 2 June 2010 (Edited 9:20am 15 June 2010)

Thought I'd also say "hi" - first experiment with Cloudworks for me - be interesting to see what it's capable of!

I am presenting the following paper: with David Rush, and glad to see Peter, that you've also said you're finding it harder than expected... there is just SO much that can be said, and this is my second Blended Learning conference, and my first joint paper!

By the way, I've been trying to identify the hashtag for this conference, and am assuming that it's going to be #iblc10 - can someone let me know if it's something else?



Nathalie Ticheler
9:20pm 2 June 2010


I am new to Cloudworks....will familiarise myself over the weekend. I will be attenting the IBLC conference but not presenting this year. I am particularly interested in the use of VLEs for blended learning in Higher Education, with a particular focus on languages.




Marija Cubric
9:34pm 2 June 2010

Hi all 

this is also my first cloudworks experience, and although at a first glance it looks a bit chaotic, I like its simplicity, both presentational and conceptual. Also, it is worth remembering that new ideas and order  often emerge at the 'edge of chaos' :)


Sarah Flynn
1:11pm 3 June 2010

Hi everyone

I'm part of the Conference organising team so do keep an eye out for me, Nicola or Alex during the event if you have any queries, questions, comments or suchlike.


Rose Heaney
1:40pm 3 June 2010

Hi all

I've used Cloudworks a teeny bit before but look forward to exploring it further for the conference (and beyond).

Attending (and presenting) second day of conference this year.

Interested in manageable and appropriate elearning solutions for the average, hardpressed academic.


Mark Russell
9:09am 7 June 2010

Good morning all.

It's great to see the evolution of the International Blended Learning Conference. Peter Bullen has a new role (away from the heat), Sarah is now picking up the reins, Helen is presenting for the first time  Rose, a long standing supporter, is presenting (again?) and Natalie and Bex are joining us too. Great stuff and good to see you all on here. Hope to get a chance to talk to you all at the conference - trust me, things are really hotting up here!


Kathrine Jensen
8:54am 15 June 2010

Hi everyone

I am looking forward to the conference start tomorrow, travelling down today (fingers crossed for smooth train travel) and currently looking at all the interesting sessions on offer.

I have been aware of Cloudworks for a while but not really had a chance to use it so this is great.  The twitter paper seems interesting, just started using twitter and am planning to twitter to my colleagues here at University of Huddersfield about what I am up to.


Rebecca Galley
9:40am 15 June 2010

Hi there, I'll be attending the conference on the Wednesday (including evening festivities :-) ) with my OULDI collegue Simon Cross. I'm particularly interested in collaborative learning, web 2.0 pedagogies and (of course) seeing how Cloudworks is used at the conference.

If you have any questions, ideas, feedback about the site - just come and find me :-)

Sarah Flynn
10:09am 15 June 2010

Welcome to the conference Bex, Nathalie, Rose, Kathrine and Rebecca - as well as all the UH bods - preparations are well underway.

Thanks for the heads up on the evening festivities Rebecca - everyone should pack their dancing shoes as the ceidilh band will be keeping us entertained after tonight tomorrow night.

Look forward to seeing you all.


Mark Russell
10:39am 15 June 2010

Oh dear - it's all coming flooding back now. Me dancing and what looks like a game of human skittles. Hope the UK is not overly wedded to the compensation culture!

Now where's my needle and sequins?





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