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ODET 2010 Ralf Groetker: Contextualizing Debate-Mapping

Online-Plattform for collective deliberation and argument-visualization

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Ralf Groetker
21 May 2010

I am working on an online-plattform for collective deliberation and argument visualization. The idea is to take existing techniques like Debategraph or Compendium and combine them with an editorial sourrounding and moderation/actively conducted community-organizing. Topics will be social and political problems with a scientific background. E.g., „What evidence do we have that financial speculators caused political harm ?“; „What are the dangers of synthetic biology?“; „Shall we allow assisted suicide?“, „How much volcano ashes should it take in order to justify closing down airports?“.

The projects is supported by the major science organisations in Germany (Max Planck Society, Leibniz Gemeinschaft, Fraunhofer Gemeinschaft, DFG, Wissenschaftspressekonferenz, Wissenschaft im Dialog, and others.) A pilot will (hopefully) be started this summer.


The project will be hosted by the newly founded Innocomm Research Center for Science & Innnovation Communication, Berlin.

Key tasks are:

  • Creating an environment which makes it easier and more attractive to use Debategraph and other techniques.

  • Getting the stakeholders (micro-elite) that are relevant to a specific topic into the boat.

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An online-plattform for facilitated argument visualization

An online-plattform for facilitated argument visualization

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