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Personal Inquiry: The Nottingham Experience

Presentation at the CALRG annual conference 2010 by Stamatina Anastopoulou

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Rebecca Ferguson
24 May 2010

Presentation at the CALRG annual conference 2010 by Stamatina Anastopoulou, Mike Sharples, Shaaron Ainsworth, Charles Crook, Markus Feisst, Claire O’Malley, Mark Paxton, Yang Yang

Personal Inquiry is a research project jointly conducted between the University of Nottingham and The Open University. We have conducted case studies with young people in both locations over the past three years supporting the development of evidence-based inquiry skills in both informal and formal settings. nQuire is the toolkit developed to support this work which has been informed by the views of participants and working in collaboration with a wide group of stakeholders. We will present our latest case study that took place in a Nottingham chool on the topic of pollution and wildlife (part of the UK Key Stage Three curriculum).

Students were provided with netbooks (EEE Asus) to take home which run nQuire a special software to uide and structure science investigarions rlated o curriculum topics.The software structured students' activities when they were out of the class and informed the class activities which were teacher led. It was designed along with lesson activities to suport evidence-based investigations across transitions between a science classroom, the home, a fieldtip or other outdoors.

[See also the cloud on Personal Inquiry: The Open University Experience, where Doug Clow has added his live blog notes of the two presentations.]


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