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Models of feedback: Findings from hospital school teachers using ICT with children suffering from a chronic illness

Presentation by Denise Whitelock at CALRG annual conference 2010

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Rebecca Ferguson
24 May 2010

Presentation by Denise Whitelock at CALRG annual conference 2010.

This presentation models the feedback teachers give to students who are using an interactive computer tutorial (Nefreduca) to help them understand key biological concepts related to the kidney. Nefreduca consists of a series of open source science inquiry-based web-learning material targeted at children with chronic kidney disease. It utilises a scenario-based approach drawing on the work of Lijnse (1995) and Buty, Tiberghien & Le Maréchal (2004). The hospital teachers who assisted the children with their use of Nefreduca reported learning gains with the system, but there is no automatic feedback for autonomous learning with Nefreduca when children are unsupported by a teacher. An ethnographic approach was adopted to then understand how teachers provided feedback to the students in order to devise a model of supportive feedback to the chronically ill students, which can be implemented in the next version of Nefreduca.

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PowerPoint of the presentation

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