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Evidence on Mobile Technologies in Lifelong Learning

Presentation at CALRG 2010 by Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and Alice Peasgood

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Rebecca Ferguson
25 May 2010

Presentation by Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and Alice Peasgood at CALRG annual conference 2010.

Work on the MOTILL Project.

Identified current research and publications in the areas of mobile techology, lifelong learning and transitions. Identified the main concepts in the area of mobile technologies and lifelong learning by tagging all the papers. Collectively created bespoke reviews - accessible summaries - of these papers, discussed its implications for lifelong learning and for policy makers and offered a brief critique. Academic discourse provides specialist information, the review makes this accessible to a non-specialist readership.

Also developed an evaluation grid, intended to support the identification of good practices. It identified key elements of the relationship between mobile technology and lifelone learning. Three main sections to this evaluation grid: management, pedagogy and policy. Also considered ethics in terms of accessibility, privacy and copyright.

Then identified examples of good practice across Europe. These projects were not always at the stage where they had been written up in the literature. Identified three exemplary projects in Italy, UK, Ireland and Hungary. Best practice was then shared through a web portal and is also available in PDF form as a booklet.

Next stage was to consider the reliability and extent of the evidence, and its implications for further research and policymaking.

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