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What do course materials add to a textbook?

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Perry Williams
4 November 2008

The OpenLearn unit “Introduction to information security” is based around a set book which provides the core content teaching. What do the unit materials add? (1) Extension. Where the set book is insufficient, the materials supplement it or introduce further resources – for example, the British Standard for information security management. (2) Qualification. Where the account in the set book needs to be challenged, the materials can provide another perspective – for example, the student is asked to evaluate the set book’s case for information security (there are quite a number of points which could be challenged). (3) Application and active learning. The materials provide learning activities to give students the opportunity to work through the issues for themselves – in this case, to think how they would apply to their own organisation. Effectively, the unit materials act as a wrap-around study guide. There are two CompendiumLD maps for this OpenLearn unit. [M886 course team, Open University]

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