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“Privacy Shake”, a Haptic Interface for Managing Privacy Settings in Mobile Location Sharing Applications

Lukasz Jedrzejczyk, Thursday 3rd June, 12:00 pm - 12:15 pm, Student Presentations 2, JLB Meeting Room 1

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28 May 2010

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A third year student – going to talk about a small study he conducted recently. Designed an interface to look at privacy and was motivated by privacy as a practical problem. Sometimes we want to share information and sometimes we don’t want to share anything.

Mobile sharing information just says where we are.

There is a problem in providing a heads-up interface for privacy management and proposed a solution for privacy shake i.e. moving your phone in a particular direction – i.e sharing information.

Privacy shake works:

  1. Up and down – everyone could see mylocation
  2. Side to side – don’t share my information]
  3. Move phone away – to provide some amount of information – city level
  4. Move phone towards ??


Shows an example scenario of someone shopping in the centre for his g/f. He shakes his phone to hide his location. To ensure that the location does not get confused with normal laughing and joking around – incorporated an accelerator which needs to go very quickly in order to recognise the problem. And hence the location-based thing will know only he is in MK.

Lab-based evaluation:

16 students doing the 4 tasks: enable location sharing, disable location sharing, change the level of location available and disabling location sharing via a GUI.

Showing the results for 16 participants based on the time taken to complete the task. The completion rate is not great but he wanted to see if the users like the interface or not. 4 persons said it was awkward and would not like to use it. He noticed that people of different heights shake differently J

Received good feedback on the interface – 4 users did not like it – 3 times faster than the GUI. Work to presented at the Mobile HCI conference.


Being one of the participant, I am wondering if you need to calibrate for your size and movement? Maybe in the future I would need to calibrate like the Wii

Would you be using this in the real-world? It wasn’t my main aim but probably.

He is explaining that the way to share information is difficult as people shake differently.

Has there been any research on how or why people want to share their location? There are several studies on this

The example, indicates that the location is on my default and then turning it on and off? That was just an example, it might be different for different people.

Did the participants have any training on the GUI on it? I demonstrated the GUI and it was quite straight-forward

How does this fit into your PhD in general? My PhD is about creating interfaces and this is going to be a fun thing to include in my PhD but it is not the main focus of it

11:04 on 3 June 2010

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