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Lisa Harris
31 May 2010

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Bob and Sue tworking about networking and twitter

Bob and Sue tworking about networking and twitter

added by Julie Carle


Cristina Costa
6:18am 6 June 2010

How does twitter work for you? Is it of any use or just one more fad? Have you found any value on it?

Any stories you want to share?

Chris Kirkland
11:28am 21 July 2010

I have found twitter a useful community for sharing information and links with like minded people. It has a more personal side than most resource sites and is the best place for things that are new or changing. Some of what I am alerted to I add to resource sites such as for continued reference.

Kim Aling
10:45am 21 June 2011

I also use twitter to share interesting news articles with students on course I tutor on.  Some have twitter accounts and follow me.  I also retweet anything interesting to them from people I follow

Rebecca Galley
4:23pm 21 June 2011

Hi Kim, nice to see you here. I took a while coming to Twitter but I now find it completely invaluable for keeping me up to date (news etc as well as teaching). There are some really good regular education debates like #edchat on a Tuesday and conference streams. I tend to lurk on these but get an enormous amount out them.

Oh yes, and The Archers omnibus tweetalong is great but maybe that's just me...;-)


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