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Supporting the Exploration of Research Spaces

Chwhynny Overbeeke, Thursday 3rd June, 15:00 pm - 15:15 pm, Student Presentations 3, JLB Meeting Room 1

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31 May 2010

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Her research question is:

How can we improve the level of support available to people who wish to explore and make sense of the dynamics within a research community?  (??)

Exploring depends on the geography (where you are located) and time. People have relationships with each other in research e.g. supervisory, colleagues. These people have roles in the institutions which give rise to outputs and new ideas. The popularity ideas give rise to new studentships as well as new technologies and publications.

People also have roles at events e.g. conferences, seminars, research – which becomes publications.

Without money these connections are not possible. If the topic is more relevant then more likely to receive funding (e.g. terrorism).

Existing tools and services:

  • DBLP ( ) : provides bibliographic data on computer science proceedings e.g. publications/yr for a person, and venue, coauthorship and topics published under
  • AuthorMapper ( Plots whatever you search for on a map – and gives location – and tells you where it is mostly researched – can show you also by years


She is thinking of doing a pilot study where she ask people to do a task and write on a topic they are not familiar on. She is interesting on knowing how they find the information and what sort of frustration they’re going through as they reach their goal. She is also thinking of using the think-aloud protocol.

She will be sending out questionnaires to PhD students choose their topics etc – wants to see how motivation fit into the framework.

Also wants to do a technical study of what works or doesn’t work well.


Have you consider giving the tools and see what people do? That is something I have considered but the tools all do different things so need to know how to look and evaluate these

Are you planning to give room for other people to talk about other tools that people use? I am not going to restrict tools to what people use and I am letting them to tell me what they use. Perhaps it might be skewed by use in Google.

Have you considered such things as an intellectual coffee table like Twitter? No, not as yet.

13:49 on 3 June 2010

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