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Analysis of conceptual metaphors to inform music interaction designs

Katie Wilkie, Thursday 3rd June, 17:00 pm - 17:15 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 1

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31 May 2010

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She is a part-time PhD student and has just gone (or about to) through probation. Indicates that music moves us – we must all have a MP3 player or a CD etc. Music excites us in all manners ... it can change the listener users’ mood to happiness to sadness.

Many people enjoy music but few understand how it is constructed. When trying to represent music concepts such as pitch, melody etc on a user-interface can be quite tricky – but wants to ensure not to exclude people who have not gone through formal music academic training.

She is talking about embodied understanding ie. The interactions between our bodies and the environment play a role in the development of cognitive abilities. In particular spatial terms are developed in terms of image schemas.

She is demonstrating the concept of containment i.e. the cat is in the bag or put the toys in the box.

Containment can also be metaphorical eg. The phrase is in the key of F major

She uses a cross-domain mapping to create a conceptual metaphor.

The melody starts on C, moves down to F, up to G and then finishes on A. Concept of path has been mapped on to the concept of melody creating the conceptual metaphor. Hence can say, melody is movement along a path.

Image schema has been used in user-interface design (and some other stuff!)

Her research questions are on:

How can conceptual methods aid our understanding of pitch, melody and harmony.

She intends to find conceptual metaphors when she observe/ interview musicians (?)

She has already carried out one study to identify musical conceptual metaphors with musicians.



Do you think the spatial metaphors would carry us in the musical linguistic form? (?) One of the studies that I’m looking at is asking people to match images to the musical form (??)

How did you identify the conceptual bands? (??) I had a garage bands (??) – from this I got a dozen conceptual metaphors – mentioned some software by Apple

17:16 on 3 June 2010

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