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Supporting Reflection about Web Resources within Mash-Up Learning Environments

Thomas Daniel Ullmann, Thursday 3rd June, 16:30 pm - 16:45 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 10

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31 May 2010

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First up was Thomas Ullman who told me a bit on the mash-ups he was creating in the STELLAR project. These mash-ups were located within the website. They were using the social networking software elgg (which I believe ning is developed on) for providing a space for the created widgets. One widget that caught my attention was the Graaasp which is a social software prototype for finding links of things that interest you (my interpretation!) - rather what the website says it is:" the interaction with People in Spaces". This is a widget that can be found in elgg.

14:49 on 4 June 2010

Thanks for providing some more information about my project :-). To outline a bit more and to reply to the post above, Ning and Elgg are quite different. First of all Elgg is open source and can thus be modified to the needs of our community. Ning on the other side is not anymore available for free. For a comparison see here: Right now there is an interesting social experiment going on. After Ning announced that it becomes a paid service, a google document was created to find alternatives for Ning. This was posted through the twittersphere and can be accessed here: The intersting bit for me is that so many people collaboratively edited this document. At a certain time there were more than 100 persons editing it at the same time. Great piece of collaborative work.

Within STELLAR ( we use Elgg as one instrument for activating a social network for the technology-enhanced learning area. Besides the social networking functionalities of Elgg we provide widgets (little mini-applications), which can be seen as windows to interesting information, for collaboration, recommendation, etc. One window is the Graaasp widget, which allows you to create and share content within a space metaphor. Behind Graaasp is a recommendation engine which connects you to relevant people and content. But this is just one widget. Besides this, we have amongst others, a widget showing you the latest TEL publications, news from Blogs and Twitter, a publication co-authorship visualization widget... You can try them on TELeurope ( Everyone can join and use the widgets on your dashboard or profile page.

Dr. Thomas Ullmann
19:46 on 14 June 2010

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Link to the poster for the CRC 2010 conference

Link to the poster for the CRC 2010 conference

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