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Plenary discussion: Student community support

Friday 4th June, 15:00 pm - 15:30 pm, JLB Meeting Room 1

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31 May 2010

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Marian is asking what works and what does not work. Marian realises there has to be a better mechanism for keep a dialogue.

Marian is asking for ways in how to make the online forum work better. Particularly Marian wants to hear from the part-time students.

She has asked students to form a group and provide feedback on suggestions. I’ve joined a group.

Student: Wondering what happened to the suggestions last year e.g. a map with where students’ live

Student: Exchange all the present students with smarter students. Have always food

Student: On the wiki, there are some probation reports that are dated – only two work on the wiki (i.e. open) and these are from KMI. We don’t know why they’re good or not good. Annotate the documents and to say what is good and what is missing. These are rewritten – so probably include what parts were rewritten.

Student: Someone asked for his technical report but he wasn’t certain how to write it – so probably to tell the student what the technical report contains – more guidelines is needed.

Student: The technical report and the probation report cannot be the same. The technical report should have more results whilst in the probation report what is needed is the research questions and how you’re going to answer the research question.

Student: The wiki needs to be reorganised but I don’t want to do it.

Student: is talking about another university where they published how different lecturers marked particular scripts. If the same thing could happen for the probation reports – to see how different lecturers marked the probation.

Student: Wants the actual scripts of what the viva looks like i.e. the questions and the answers

Student: In the wiki there is someone who put down how he made his viva defence

Student: Better knowledge management systems ... give us profiles etc. – make better connections between the people such as the same methods etc – the academic pages don’t have enough links or connections (another student: that’s what Facebook is for). Doesn’t know who is doing what.

14:19 on 4 June 2010

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