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IBLC 10 - Poster - Using technology to make an existing effective assessment more efficient

Hi, Helen Barefoot, Dominic Bygate, Mark Russell and myself are going to present a poster in the...

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Fang Lou
1 June 2010


Helen Barefoot, Dominic Bygate, Mark Russell and myself are going to present a poster in the IBLC on how to make an existing peer assessment activity more efficient, so students have better learning experience and staff can use their time more effectively. The technology we used included a web based data gatherer to collect students' perception of how peer assessment helped them to improve their learning and reflection on what they have done well and what areas they need to work on in future.

How is technology helping you gain efficiency in your assessment and feedback?

Fang Lou

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Mark Russell
3:10pm 2 June 2010

Hey Fang, Thanks for creating the cloud :-) I've brought it in to the Cloudscap so hopefully the cloud will start some discussion from our delegates and other 'readers' too.


Marija Cubric
9:50am 3 June 2010

Great to see your poster cloud Fang!

Sarah Flynn
1:08pm 3 June 2010

Fang - I'm also interested in how you maintain the effectiveness of the peer feedback with the efficiency as my experiences of getting students to give rich enough feedback to be valuable is very time consuming in itself.

I've had some success in the past with insisting on them using sentence starts in their feedback like:
The thing I have learnt most from your presentation was...
One thing that I thought could been clearer was.....
I would have liked there to have been more about ....
I was confused about ....
If you were to do it again you should definitely...

Thereby hopefully getting more "rich" responses than just emotive responses.

Looking forward to seeing your poster :o)


Fang Lou
1:45pm 4 June 2010

Great comments, Sarah. I will add those to the next year's practice.

Thank you.


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