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Call for Papers C-SAP e-Learning Forum: sharing materials and practice in the social sciences

Deadline: 13 June 2010

Forum: sharing materials and practice in the social sciences on 8 July 2010

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Karen Cropper
3 June 2010

C-SAP e-Learning Forum: sharing materials and practice in the social sciences

Organised by: C-SAP
Venue: Kensington Close Hotel, London
Date of event: 8 July 2010

Event Description
This event will provide a forum for presenting some of our recent project work around the sharing of electronic educational resources, and explore the processes, methods and practices of sharing and using e-learning materials and tools which engage our colleagues in the social sciences. The scope of the day will include presentations from the C-SAP Open Educational Resources project, findings from current C-SAP mini-project focused around e-learning, and a ‘show and share’ session in the afternoon offering an opportunity to disseminate examples of practice from across our disciplinary networks.

Morning Session
Opening Keynote Neil Selwyn, London Knowledge Lab.
Neil Selwyn is sociologist working at the London Knowledge Lab. His research and teaching focuses on the place of digital media in everyday life, and the sociology of technology (non)use in educational settings.

Dissemination from the Open Educational Resources Project

This will provide an opportunity to showcase, discuss, and reflect upon the work of the C-SAP “Open Educational Resources” project. Our project, “Evaluating the Practice of Opening up Resources for Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences”, was part of a pilot programme (funded by the HEA and JISC), which sought to explore issues around the sharing of educational material from a disciplinary perspective. Whilst exploring, with our academic project partners, the principles and issues around releasing educational material (institutional, contractual, administrative), we have also sought to develop some insights into the processes of sharing practice, and look forward to discussing the findings in this forum.

Afternoon Session

Call for Papers: Invited show and share presentations
Alongside dissemination from recent C-SAP mini-project award holders, we offer an open invitation to submit abstracts for a ‘show and share’ session around the use of e-learning within the social sciences. Some themes to consider might be:

- Tools and techniques;
- e-Feedback and e-assessment;
- Collaborative development (working with peers to create materials);
- Disciplinary and curriculum practices;
- Staff development and organisational contexts;
- Student perspectives and expectations.

If you would like to offer a show and share presentation, please complete the abstracts template and email the document to Darren Marsh, C-SAP Web and e-Learning co-ordinator ( by 14 June 2010.

The event is free to attend, please use the online registration form to register: booking link:

If you require any other information please contact Frances Worrall by email or telephone: 0121 414 2995

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