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IBLC 10 - General - Twitter at the Conference

Thanks for being so on the ball Bex and highlighting this. I can confirm that we plan to use...

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Sarah Flynn
3 June 2010

Thanks for being so on the ball Bex and highlighting this.

I can confirm that we plan to use #IBLC2010  (see messages below - change to - #iblc10) to provide a twitterstream at conference this year and hope that many of you will join us. We are currently taking recommendations for what to use to display the twitterstream in the conference communal areas. We have the plasma screens booked - any recommendations?


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Mark Russell
9:11am 7 June 2010

Not wishing to throw a spanner in the works. But what's wrong with iblc10? i.e. two less precious characters!


Sarah Flynn
10:28am 7 June 2010

Of course!

You can tell that I witter on far too much for twitter.
IBLC10 it is, and I shall do the plug there now.

Still looking for a client to monitor the twitter stream at the conference - any thoughts folks?


Marija Cubric
11:43am 8 June 2010

not sure that we need that, all those with admin rights should be able to act if acting is needed?


Marija Cubric
11:45am 8 June 2010

also this cloud is tagged with IBLC2010 so it won't come up in searches with other clouds that are tagged with IBLC10

Sarah Flynn
3:22pm 8 June 2010

Thanks for noting that Marija - I've added IBLC10 as a tag to this cloud too.


Bex Lewis
3:17pm 16 June 2010

BTW: Twitterfall is great technology - sorry - I didn't see this particular stream until now...

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