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Presentation prepared for the ‘Learning in an Open World’ online conference 22-23 June 2010

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Karen Cropper
6 June 2010

Presentation by Karen Cropper
Project and Liaison Manager, OLnet
Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University
Presentation prepared for the ‘Learning in an Open World’ online conference 22-23 June 2010

Extra content

A few notes on how I produced this video

I intended to upload the slides into slideshare and add a sound track, but I also had to load on some screen capture software this weekend for a workshop that we are having next week.  The software is Camtasia.  I thought I would try out the presentation as my training exercise for this software – killing many birds with one stone.  So the slide about what have I learnt (slide 18) is incorrect in that I have not put a sound track on using slideshare.

This has probably taken about 3-4 days of work all in (which I have just done in my spare time otherwise it would not have happened) – including sourcing the pictures, creating the PowerPoint slides, recording the commentary, editing the video, uploading to YouTube, uploading to slideshare.

If you want to try out Camtasia there is a free download the 30 days trial version. Here are links:

In each case, click on the ‘free trial’ button near the top right.

I have also uploaded the slides without sound track to slideshare, but something has changed with the formatting of slides 17 and 19 and I haven’t been able to work out why yet.

I am not holding this up as an example of how to do it, just that I have had a go trying out a few new-to-me technologies.  Hopefully, if I do something like this again it will not take as long since I have learnt now.

I also add that it is one of my goals for this year’s CDSA to improve my confidence in presentation skills, so hopefully this partially achieves that goal.

(I've just listened to my presentation and realised I made a mistake, but I'm not recording it again.  Actually there are several mistakes, but the one I need to correct is:  OLnet is funded from March 2009 to Feb 2012).

Karen Cropper
15:57 on 6 June 2010 (Edited 13:45 on 8 June 2010)

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Video on YouTube

Video on YouTube

added by Karen Cropper

Slides without soundtrack on slideshare

Slides without soundtrack on slideshare

added by Karen Cropper


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