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IBLC 10 - Question - What will the next 12 months look like?

As the financial situation starts to grab hold (assuming it hadn't already) I'd be really...

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Mark Russell
7 June 2010

As the financial situation starts to grab hold (assuming it hadn't already) I'd be really interested to hear what your thoughts are regarding the educational landscape in the next 12 months. Okay, that's too big a question ...

How will technology help or hinder teaching, learning and assessment in the next 12 months?





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Sarah Flynn
3:37pm 8 June 2010

I think that technology facilitates participation in ways that might otherwise be costly - virtual classroom software, VOIP, video conferencing, asynchronous communication etc.

I am struck by the nature of our society being an almost apathic-participative paradox. People love joining in, in some ways - reality tv, voting for winners of talent shows, posting details of every breath on facebook or twitter - and yet in other ways, like we see in the classroom, are reluctant to talk, to contribute to extra curricula activities, to do ANYTHING that isn't assessed. I hope technology can bridge the divide here for those of us in education.



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