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CABLE [Change Academy for Blended Learning Enhancement ] University of Hertfordshire

Change Academy for Blended...

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Helen Whitehead
7 June 2010

Change Academy for Blended Learning Enhancement (CABLE)  at The University of Hertfordshire - one of thepilot HEA Pathfinder initiative projects.

The Pathfinder Programme is intended to be a transformation initiative and our CABLE project, managed by the Blended Learning Unit, aims to develop and apply the change management process needed to embed blended learning into academic schools.

The project team was shortlisted for The Times Higher Contribution to Leadership Development Award 2007.

The CABLE project (The Change Academy for Blended Learning Enhancement) draws on the change models and resources of the HEA Change Academy to construct a local model of change within Schools. The project has been a great success, resulting in more widespread development of blended learning within, and between, Schools and Faculties.

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