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Adam Reid
8 June 2010


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Ala Lesuma-Fatiaki
3:46am 22 July 2010 (Edited 3:46am 22 July 2010)

This has been an interestng and valuable exercise. I intend to share this with my course writer and also encourage her to attempt the application with prior permission of the HEART Strategy facilitators of course. I also am keen to try this out for the other courses that I will be working on in particular the 4th USP Generic course on Pacific Studies with an estimated enrolment nos. in 000s (2000-3000 range). Thank you Claire and Ashwini for this great session.

Ashwini Datt
4:01am 22 July 2010

The pleasure is ours...we have come across so many interesting courses and ofcourse varied learning designs.

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