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Adam Reid
8 June 2010

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Kia ora

Wow 350 participants from 49 countries! This would not have been possible without the gift of knowledge from our facilitators who are donating their time freely by giving the gift of knowledge (and time) to support real change in education smile

I'm posting these instructions early for the benefit of participants who live in those parts of the world who have already seen the future happen insofar as time zones are concerned wink. (If you're not sure -- these instructions are for your Wednesday.)

This is a wiki workshop, so all our instructions and activities will be conducted in WikiEducator. Each day, we will send you an email with the instructions for the day's activities which you are free to complete at your own pace and at a time which suites your personal schedule. (Or you can just visit the course homepage on the wiki). You should be able to complete the activities assigned for each day within 15 to 20 minutes -- so this is not too onerous. If you get stuck - just ask -- our motto is: Just try it -- our community will support you!

Day 1 is pretty relaxed, and you will find the instructions and assignment for the first day of the workshop from the course homepage in the wiki:

Evan Naqiolevu
22:39 on 22 July 2010

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Jane Kanas
3:37am 22 July 2010

Make sure you don't forget all these new things we learned today!

Claire Donald
3:53am 22 July 2010

Hi to whoever reads this.

Anare Tuitoga
3:54am 22 July 2010

Oh my gosh!!! Statistics? Did you really have a lot of input into the course or did it come to you camera-ready? Did you feel the content was really camera-ready? By the way where did this Vacadoo Bee come from?

Tom Cabebula
3:55am 22 July 2010

Your heartem' Boombom too much!.......

Theresa Koroivulaono
3:56am 22 July 2010

Interesting it PNG Pidgin?

Rokosiga Morrison
10:28pm 22 July 2010

Bula Ivy

I see that you are quite advanced on this one, so you will be the guru for Heart!!!!! Good on you, you bit me this time

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