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Adam Reid
8 June 2010

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Jane Kanas
3:35am 22 July 2010

What do you think of Cloudworks?

Anare Tuitoga
3:47am 22 July 2010

This really looks good and with the anticipated number of students I am hopeful that the TAs will not feel unduly overburdened.

Tevita Ului Jitoko
3:49am 22 July 2010

Hi everyone,

Cloudworks is quite interesting!

So far so good!!What say!!



Jane Kanas
3:49am 22 July 2010

I'll be interested in seeing how UU100 unfolds during the semester.

Tom Cabebula
3:50am 22 July 2010



cute heart!

Theresa Koroivulaono
3:53am 22 July 2010

Hi Tevita,

Congratulations to the UU100 CDD team for such innovative work in a relatively short period of time and under such challenging conditions, i.e. 11 course writers. I look forward to how this course works in the region.




Claire Donald
3:59am 22 July 2010 (Edited 4:03am 22 July 2010)

Thanks TJ for OUR presentation...

:-) Jasmine.

Claire Donald
4:02am 22 July 2010

Hey TJ, it's Jasmine using Claire's username

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