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Adam Reid
8 June 2010

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Jane Kanas
3:44am 22 July 2010

This looks interesting. Social networking for educators. Saw this on Ning and read around for a bit but good to be part of this one.

Tevita Ului Jitoko
3:56am 22 July 2010

Hi Plain Jane,

We just have to wait and see..Need extra backup facility for this course..Any comment on how we could devise backup facility..

Hows your second life I mean your other life?

Need a response asap.


Evan Naqiolevu
3:57am 22 July 2010

Hi Jane! It is unfortunate that EL001 has been put on the backburner for now! It is a very essential course since it builds the foundation for students entering in USP. This would be important since it does not go towards their agregate if they fail and so forth.

This starts the standard for academic writing.

Jane Kanas
4:01am 22 July 2010

Hi Tevita,

Right now, I have nothing in my head to contribute to the design of a back up. Check back later - not. lol




Jane Kanas
4:05am 22 July 2010

Hi Evan,

Yes, EL001 is still very much needed. I think even though students may be hesitant to do the course I find that many do appreciate how they get this extra assistance to develop skills that will assist them through out their study here at USP.

As it is with USP, big changes happen and I won't be surprised if they resurrect EL again.



Anare Tuitoga
10:40pm 22 July 2010

I can imagine what a nightmare it will now be for the lecturers, reading essays and work poorly written. Sending them directly to UU114 is not an indicator that they have mastered the relevant academic writing skills. What a shame!

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