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Welcome, Introduction and General Discussion

9:45 am to 10:00 am and 3:45 pm to 4:15 pm

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8 June 2010

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Right we’re about to start. Few complications with setting up the room, students trying to find their presentations but we’re ready!

Lindsay O’Dell is starting the welcome and saying we have a packed day – some of the students today are at different stages of their PhDs. She wants to ensure that the students feel as a safe and comfortable environment.

Lindsay is telling the crowd about me and Cloudworks.

General Discussion (3:45 pm)

Lindsay is starting to talk and she is saying there were all great presentations – and she knew some people were nervous but didn’t show.

Visual methods came up in lots of presentations as well as the voice of culture and getting ahold of people – the influence of feminist work – draws all of us and you together. Would like to encourage all to continue this discussion. There were very generous offers of discussions and references – do follow those up.

Your work is very important to the rest of us all.


Is there some way of capturing these presentations within the faculty such as mini-papers or something more tangible? We need to make it more visible.

We can put the Powerpoints online somewhere – and Cloudworks can help in continuing the discussion as well.              

As far as I know –all students, you’re very welcome to join any of the existing research groups e.g. Family and Relationships groups.

At the supervisors groups, we wanted to provide a pool of dates that things that were occurring.

With some shaping and development and in more academic form, some of these presentations can be presented as reader chapters in some of the course materials.

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