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Policy Forest on Sustaining Innovation

The summary of the days workshop on Sustaining Innovation via Organisational Development providing a range for comment

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fred garnett
9 June 2010


Government Policy

Architecture of Participation

Staffordshire University

Policy Context

Cross-government agenda to improve system efficiency & reduce costs

Policy developed iteratively between education & policy professionals

Innovation Policy developed by bringing together; science, economic, University, competition, research and skills agenda


HEA & HEFCE as Advisory & Funding bodies. Direct funding of institutions means removal of funding agency 

Responsible to relevant Communities through networked Public Value Measures

Sustainable Innovation Strategies shared across multiple institutions by PVCs underpinned by pedagogic efficiency


HEI the focus of education & treated as Brands. Learning programmes provided to meet national economic targets.

Adaptive Institutions respond collaboratively to learner needs

Shared Institutional developments come from consensus building through the use of Data and Process modelling


Digital Infrastructure developments driven by private sector providers marketing and guidance

Open Architecture of Participation creating multiple technological affordances with distributed learning support

Evolving technology use enables innovation and adaptation to support multiple contexts with appropriate budgets


Provision of educational software content improved through market mechanisms.

Dynamic aggregation of resources to meet learning design needs

Policy-moderated use of OER Resources, as part of Open Social Learning, minimises risk


Subject specialists drive education provision to meet accreditation targets. Research treated as separate issue.

Teachers enable co-creation and provide real-time data on departmental & institutional performance

Teachers aware of Big Picture; support multiple modes of learning, recognise prior experience, rewarded for resource creation

Learning Process

Learner offer structured through formal curricula and syllabi.

Shared knowledge creation the basis of Learning

Agile Curriculum Design Process; Teachers & Learners as process reviewers & consultants


Formal Standardised Assessments

Collaborative Learning Validation

Open Scholarship for Academic Credit


Multiple real & virtual separate locations – no vision of integration

Learners use appropriate technology to organise a range of learning spaces

Multiple real & virtual locations; future vision of integration through built & virtual estates


Learners are the subjects of the educational system, selecting from existing curricula & specified knowledge

Digitally Literate Learners drive Institutional mission through Development Frameworks

Learners as critical users and consumers of educational procedures & appropriate tools, consulted as a matter of principle and practice


Formal Learning requirements driven by employers and special interests. Community not relevant

HE Institutions  provide security & authentication to multi-context learning relating to communities & professions

Use APEL to enable cross-departmental working and links with non-institutional and informal communities

Extra content

A Policy Forest is designed to offer a view on an educational topic from 3 perspectives, measured against the eleven levels that we have identified as constituting the educational system. 

This Policy Forest on Sustaining Innovation via Organisational Development was created using a) a government policy perspective on HE, b) an LGC Architecture of Participation perspective c) a perspective developed collaboratively at the JISC workshop held at Staffordshire University on Monday. They are offered here for consideration and comment. It is the belief of those involved that a combination of the policies identified in the third column are what is needed to Sustain Innovation via Organisational Development.

More on the Architecture of Participation and this event on the

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fred garnett
19:20 on 9 June 2010

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