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Lynda Davies
10 June 2010

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Lynda Davies
10:21am 10 June 2010


I found it extremely interesting, Grainne gave an excellent presentation and made Cloudworks very easy to understand, she also highlighted its benefits superbly so much so that I have contacted the H809 Chair suggesting we use it on the 2011 presentation.

I had a look around Cloudworks as soon as I got back to my desk to find out if I could personally benefit and contribute to it.

Thank you.

Sue Roberts (IET)
As I told Grainne, I had looked at Cloudworks before and felt a little overwhelmed by it, but this session was excellent in explaining who, what, why and how it works.

Brilliant session and I can already think of ideas to use Cloudworks for course managers but in a closed session.


Jackie Dagger (IET)
Comments from Doug Clow can be viewed via the link below:
It was interesting to find out exactly what Cloudworks was, but Grainne seemed to take a long time to get around to describing it. I wasn't sure how essential, relevant or accurate the first part of her presentation was. (Most people wouldn't describe problem-based learning as "teacher-centred", for example.)

She also didn't seem to be very successful in switching from a didactic mode of presentation to an interactive one. I think if she really wanted to have an interactive session, she should have done more to build our engagement and trust early on. There is plenty of research to show that people often end up teaching in a more teacher-centred way than they would really like, and something of that nature seemed to be going on here.

I can see that people who already use social networking sites might find it an interesting alternative to whatever they are doing at present. However, as someone who doesn't use social networking, I didn't get any clear sense of why anyone would want to use Cloudworks or what it would add to our efficiency or productivity.

Best wishes,

John Richardson (IET)
My favorite take-home point: the importance of finding a path through spaces that are subject to information overload.

My contributions to the discussion: using cloudworks to work on further design of cloudworks; thinking about how "real" or how "virtual" the conversations are.

Follow-up thought: I'll be looking forward to talking with Grainne on 12 May.

Joe Corneli (KMi)
This was my first IET Technology Coffee Morning and I was interested in finding out the structure of these events, who attends, and what kind of topics are discussed. I think that Grainne’s talk was really interesting. I’d had a quick look around cloudworks when I joined IET but was not sure how this was used. So, this was a really useful event for me. I left after about an hour and a half because I felt that 2 hours was a bit too long for me, but I can see that the length of the session would benefit academic members of staff who can have more of a debate.


Kind regards

Michelle Bailey (IET)
I found it particularly interesting to hear how/why cloudworks was developed in the first place; it was also very useful that the speaker kept recapping on what we had covered. A very informative and lively session.


Lyn Pearson (CPLD)

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