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Conference Info: Using Elluminate

This cloud has links to the sessions and help for known connection problems

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Martin Weller
10 June 2010


The the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22-23 June 2010) is being sponsored by Elluminate who are providing the synchronous conference space. This cloud has links to the sessions and help for known connection problems (see extra content). Please add comments about any problems connecting to this cloud so we know for future use.  For full details of the conference see:

Logging in:

Each of the four sessions takes place in a different Elluminate space, ie it has a different URL. This means you have to log into each one separately. You can only log in near the session start time, not days before. There is a limit of 400 users in each session. We can't prebook people I'm afraid, so it is a case of first come, first served.

The links for each session are:

Session 1 (22nd June, morning) playback:

Session 2 (22nd June, afternoon) playback:

Session 3 (23rd June, morning): (waiting for playback link)

Session 4 (23rd June, afternoon):


Elluminate is easy to use, when you log in it launches another window, which contains the main presentation space, a text chat window and a list of who is online. You should test your setup beforehand (you may need to install Java), just so you know it works ok on your machine by visiting:  if you do have problems, please see fixes in extra content section below before contacting the helpdesk for support.

You should ensure that you can access the setup room and that your audio is working. If you have problems, please look at the Elluminate knowledge base: 


During the sessions there will be a number of moderators who will focus discussions and deal with problems. However, please try to sort out any technical issues prior to the conference, so the chat sessions are not filled with this. Due to the large number of users, not everyone will have access to the microphone, instead during the discussion sessions moderators can allocate it to someone if they 'raise their hand' (by clicking next to their name). The text chat window will form the main channel for discussion during presentations.

There is a discussion slot during each session. For these we have set up a number of 'rooms' in Elluminate. You can move between rooms easily, by dragging your name onto that room. Once you are in a room, you won't hear what happens in the other rooms, so we can have multiple parallel discussions.

Extra content

If you have a problem connecting to Elluminate from a Windows PC

We are aware that on some of the PCs on OU campus there may be problems initially with connecting to the Elluminate sessions.

If you have an error message saying "Connection failed" and then a list of messages relating to "Direct call to Direct failed" and mentioning proxy calls failing and also, then hopefully this solution will sort out the connection problem:

1 Start Elluminate from the link provided.

2 If you get a message about connection failed, cancel the connection attempt when it fails.

3 Enter ‘Tools > Preferences’ within Elluminate Live!

4 Add your Proxy server details into the fields shown below, then click apply an dclose the box.  Details below are for OU based machines.

  • Method: HTTPS Proxy Server
  • Server:
  • Port: 80

5 Once the changes have been saved, go to ‘Session > Join Session’ in Elluminate Live! to gain access.

6 For further sessions you should then find that you do not get the error message and you can go straight into the Elluminate session.

For a PDF of these instructions with screen dump, download here.

This may also be a fix for problems if connecting from other workplaces with specific proxy settings.  So far we only know of TimesEd having this problem, wouldn't you know it!  Please add comments for any other problems connecting to this cloud so we know for future use.

If you are having a problem connecting from a Macbook on wifi

See suggestion here:

Karen Cropper
14:55 on 15 June 2010 (Edited 10:46 on 22 June 2010)

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Karen Cropper
10:50am 22 June 2010

Twitter message from @Timeshighered: Can anyone at #ouconf10 advise on getting into Elluminate? Reporter here's dying to join in but can't at the mo! Keeps refusing connection.

Thanks to @CosmoCat @dougclow & @RebeccaGalley - but sadly nothing doing still (connection times out) so will keep up via Twitter #OUConf10

Cheng Gang
8:49am 23 June 2010

can we download the recorded audio of this conference, please?

Karen Cropper
9:57am 23 June 2010

We are working on it... It takes a bit longer to convert to movie files and cut up into manageable downloadable chunks (especially when one has never done it before) but hoping to enlist some help.  Keep an eye here.  And if you register as attending on the cloudscape for the conference, I will send an email to all people registered talling them.

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