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Gathering and Exploring Collective Intelligence around Open Educational Resources

Part of the OLnet Project's mission is to investigate the socio-technical infrastructure that...

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Anna De Liddo
11 June 2010

Part of the OLnet Project's mission is to investigate the socio-technical infrastructure that will assist the Open Education movement in pooling its "collective intelligence".

OLnet seeks to advance the movement's collective intelligence by pooling the many different layers of evidence, that currently exist in disconnected forms, on the use, reuse and unerstanding of Open Educational Resources. We are therefore considering a collective intelligence infrastructure as one way to:
  • Invite your stories, informal feedback, or formal evaluation results concerning a particular Open Educational Resource
  • Invite your inside knowledge of how the Open Educational Resource was designed (OER Design Methods)
  • Invite your experiences and insights on tackling major challenges facing the Open Education movement (OER Grand Challenges, e.g. Organisational Obstacles, Remixing, IP Clearance...)

We invite feedback on the design storyboard of the Collective Intelligence infrastructure (please watch the video embedded here below).

Questions for you are therefore...

  1. What do you think of this design storyboard?
  2. What would make these widgets 'killer apps' for you? that you'd want to have these on your website, e.g. as an OER educator, learner, publisher, remixer, researcher, funder...? Depending on which hat(s) you wear, you might ask yourself:
    What would I like to know about an OER before deciding to use it to learn, or teach with?
    What would I like to know about the state of the art in a given debate, before deciding whether to enter it, or fund work on it?

Many thanks,

Simon Buckingham Shum & Anna De Liddo
OLnet CI Team, Knowledge Media Institute, Open University UK

Extra content

The first prototype of collective intelligence tool we have developed is Cohere

If you want to know more about Cohere please visit the OLnet project for info on Cohere development and demo, or look at the references in this cloud.

Anna De Liddo
14:00 on 11 June 2010 (Edited 14:28 on 11 June 2010)

Embedded Content

Collective Intelligence Instrastructure: Storyboard Video

Collective Intelligence Instrastructure: Storyboard Video

added by Anna De Liddo

Slides on the Collective Intelligence Infrastructure storyboard

Slides on the Collective Intelligence Infrastructure storyboard

added by Anna De Liddo


Giota Alevizou
5:47pm 22 June 2010

I do like the idea of the widget and I think it will make a useful and timely contribution to simple ratings and such. I tried to see if i could find the widgets, but I guess that they are in development stage? I have the Cohere sidebar already installed ;)

As a researcher I think this is a valuable tool for traking use. But in order to attract users, maybe it can allow users to select from simple ratings, to simple highlights for later consultation, to annotations, etc. It has to be simply intuitive for users that are not perhaps interested in the social network...or at least initially.

I think it;s also a matter of critical mass: The more resources are annotated, the more users will be attracted. An interesting (and strategic) move would be to 'push' the widget to specific OER platforms/repositories - as I am sure you have thought about, and are in process of doing ;)

The presentation is excellent. It sets out aims and objectives clearly and outlines the storyboard nicely.

Anna De Liddo
10:00am 23 June 2010

Thanks a lot Giota!

Yes the CI widgets are still under development. News on will be post as soon as they will be available for users to download.

About your suggestions to attract users I am not sure what do you mean with rating. At the moment the CI platform doesn't allow rating but more, as you well say, simple highlights for later consultation, annotations, and connection making. In fact the Cohere functionalities that are now available from the browser sidebar will be also available as widget embeddable on any website.

You are absolutely right on the "critical mass" issue, this is actually key for the Collective Intelligence to emerge and therefore we will definitely try to push the widget to specific OER platforms where the traffic is high :)

Thanks a lot for you thoughtful comments!


Martin Weller
9:19am 25 June 2010

Hi Anna

I like the look of the social analytics pages. I commented over on the other Cohere vid that the challenge is to get people to go beyond staring stuff. This demonstrates that if we do, we'll be able to get much more meaningful analysis - at the moment much of the analysis around social networks is rather crudimentary (eg number of followers in twitter, who follows who, etc). If people are doing more structured activity then we can transform the type of analysis we can do.

Thanks for the vid, a good companion piece to the other one which explains the project well.


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