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Genetic Drift and the Founder Effect: a collaborative online activity for students of evolution

Video and slideshare presentation submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference

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Karen Cropper
17 June 2010

The embedded video and slideshare presentation below were submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23 June 2010) by Janet Haresnape.  Please add any comments or questions here.

This particular presentation has had a number of iterations because of technical issues, which has been a good learning experience for a number of people.  For the moment I am adding the presentations but I will come back and add a description of what was done and how.

Comments from Janet "I'd like to make a contribution to this conference.  It is a collaborative wiki-based activity I have deleloped for our Evolution course (S366).   However, the link to teh wiki with the live activity is currently being used by S366 students, so it will only be available to those with access to the course website."

"Instead I have made my contribution a powerpoint presentation with video clips and sound which plays automatically, and I have uploaded it to slideshare. However, when I try to view it there, none of the video clips or the sound plays."

"My version of Powerpoint is 2003, as installed on my OU laptop.  The camera, microphone with which the clips were recorded were all done with borrowed equipment on someone else's computer in the Regional Centre" (logitech quick cam software set up on Windows XP desktop PC with headphones and mouthpiece).


Extra content

Embedded Content

YouTube Video (Part 1 of 2)

YouTube Video (Part 1 of 2)

added by Karen Cropper

YouTube video (Part 2 of 2)

YouTube video (Part 2 of 2)

added by Karen Cropper

Slideshare (slide only) version

Slideshare (slide only) version

added by Karen Cropper


Martin Weller
9:25am 25 June 2010

Hi Janet

thanks for the vids and Slideshare. A great experiment! I really got a lot from it. This strikes me as a really good example of a learning object/resource we could create cheaply. Your mic is a bit crackly, but I think with a bit better recording and maybe some animation we could turn this into something really useful for lots of people to use. Exactly the sort of thing Andrew Laws team would be interested in I'd think. 

Thanks for perservering too,


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