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Learning with online and mobile technologies. A student survival guide

Slideshare presentation submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' Conference

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Karen Cropper
17 June 2010

The slideshare presentation below was submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23 June 2010) by Janet Macdonald.  This presentation relates to the book Learning with Online and Mobile Technologies A student survival guide by Janet Macdonald and Linda Creanor, Aldershot, Gower, 2010. ISBN 978-0-566-08930-5

Janet says "Our 'digital artifact' is the Google site for our new book: "Learning with online and mobile technologies. A student survival guide". It contains information about the book, some commentary from authors and readers and offers the opportunity for visitors to contribute to the book's glossary and links to further resources."

Janet has made a slidecast in the prescribed way, using mp3 recording of her talking and then syncing it with the slides in slidshare. It is embedded below.

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Martin Weller
10:10am 25 June 2010

Hi Janet

thanks for this. Given the nature of the subject, making multi-media assets like this to accompany the book would seem like a real 'the medium is the message' opportunity. 

You could imagine a range of assets to illustrate the various points, and even invitations to contribute material to students to give their views.



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