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Cartoon Strips for Educational Purposes

The following links have been contributed as part of the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference...

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Karen Cropper
17 June 2010

The following links to comic strips made using stripcreator have been contributed as part of the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23 June 2010 - see Please add any questions or comments here.

Anthea Wilson: "I had a little play around with stripcreator, having seen Martin's examples on this site.  I started off thinking what might be helpful for K101 students and decided to reflect some of the stories that students share about themselves on the course-wide forums and generally thinking about the FAQs that crop up in the forums.   I attached the link to one of the pages on this site, but can't always find it again - but here's the link Hope you like them!"

Francis Chetwynd: "Hi Anthea, I love your K101 cartoons. I think many students would find them a really amusing way to find out about course related stuff. As I have 10 TMAs to mark I took some serious marking avoidance action by creating a cartoon to represent one of our 'Top ten tips on how to fail the ECA' on T175. It's here

Unfortunately I forgot to put any background in before I published it but I think I'll have a go at illustrating the other 9 tips."

The full comments conversation is still here:

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Mandy Honeyman
4:57pm 23 June 2010

also (which my KS3 students use), can produce books as well as strips. But I like this stripcreator very much because it does not start with a blank sheet of paper - so no excuse for creative block :)


Martin Weller
10:16am 25 June 2010

Hi Anthea

I mentioned before that I like these a lot. They strike me as the type of easy to make asset we should be embedding in courses (and encouraging students to make) all the time.


Martin Weller
10:19am 25 June 2010

Hi Frances

I chuckled at your one. When I created an online course a few years ago we bought in a number of cartoons about the net and computers. You'd be surprised at how many students said they really valued these in the feedback, it made the material much more memorable for them, so we shouldn't undervalue the pedagogic potential of a bit of humour.


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