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Minutes: Disabilities Panel Meeting. 17/06/2010

GMPD, Scotland. Present:-  Apologies:- None.   Minutes of the previous meeting had been...

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Emma Johnstone
18 June 2010

GMPD, Scotland.


Apologies:- None.  

Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and approved.  

Matters Arising:-   1.  Congratulations on all panel members being re-elected and on this year's panel being recognised by SG!  Many thanks to all for volunteering again.  

2. Individuals will check that they are using the most recent code of points for Men's and Women's Artistic.  

3. Gymnasts must show an attempt at a move (re. NDP competitions) in order not to incur large deductions from their score.  This applies even in cases of limited ability, where a pose heading towards the required element will be accepted as an attempt.    

Judge's discretion - a verbal confirmation by gymnast may be allowed to clarify the element being attempted.   

4. It was suggested that the 2010 Scottish Voluntaries become an Open or Invitational event to encourage building relationships with other clubs and participation in top-level disability sport.  To this end there would be no beginners / floor and vault competition at the event.  

Clubs attending will be asked to bring a judge, where possible.  

5. The disabilities page of the SG website is badly in need of being (more regularly) updated.  Pictures have been sent in and not displayed.  Competition results have not been sent in and should be.  

Agenda:-  1. Rhythmic gymnastics coaching courses for coaching level 1 had not gone ahead, so N and S were unable to attend.  J was unable to attend the revised date of the rhythmic judging course.  

It was proposed that other people may be found who are willing to take the coaching course in order that enough people enrole for SG to run a course with 8 participants.  

It was proposed that other rhythmic contacts may be sought for additional support of GMPD rhythmic development in City of Glasgow GC.  

2.  Establishing start values and standardising the scoring of NDP routines at Scottish and British Championships remained unlikely.  

3. Saturday 9th October 2010 proposed as a possible date to hold the Scottish Voluntary Competition at Bellahouston Leisure Centre.  NB THIS IS THE WEEKEND OF THE POOLE OPEN (Sat 9th Oct trampoline and rhythmic, Sun 10th Oct artistic).  

4. The closing date would then be Friday 10th September 2010.  

5. The panel wishes to meet between the reception of all entries and the running of the Scottish Voluntaries.  Thursday 16th September, 17.30 was proposed.  Panel members will be e-mailed.  

4. No International training camps are taking place in 2010.

5. No GMPD affiliation with the Commonwealth Games is expected.  

Date of next meeting 

City of Glasgow Gymnastics Club Scottish Gymnastics British Gymnastics

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Emma Johnstone
10:46am 19 June 2010

Angie says keep Sat 9th as the date for Scottish Vols as Poole Open will not impact much on this.

Angela Turner
3:52pm 24 June 2010

Hey there,


Lets go for the 9th Oct for the Competition if this suits everyone.



Emma Johnstone
8:36am 25 June 2010

If people are happy to use Cloudworks (although Joan can't access it on her computer, bah!) then I will fill in the names of those present at the meeting.  Let me know if you're happy or unhappy with that.  

Anyone on the internet can read this information but it is not top secret and irrelevant to most random viewers.  

Emma Johnstone
12:54pm 2 July 2010

Joan says:

It seems that the 9th is a Womans Artistic competition and we would be using the same judges !!!  (You were correct Clare.)

Looks like we had better go back to the 2nd October or even further on  16th ??

Let me have your thoughts ASAP.

Emma Johnstone
12:06pm 8 July 2010

NB Who is available to judge any weekend in October?

See the Google caledar, or add to it:

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