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Parmenides - computational argumentation to support e-participation

The Parmenides e-participation forum uses argumentation schemes to structure proposals for...

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Sanjay Modgil
18 June 2010

The Parmenides e-participation forum uses argument schemes and critical questions  to structure proposals for political action, and argumentation frameworks to computationally evaluate users’ responses.

In the talk I will give an overview of Parmenides and briefly discuss its intended future development as part of the EU IMPACT project (

In order to introduce the workshop attendees to Parmenides, may I request that
attendees set aside 5-10 minutes to make use of Parmenides to critique the proposed action to invade Iraq (obviously with the benefit of hindsight now). Your participation would  also be of great help to the PhD student Dan Cartwright who was responsible for development of the tool, as it will contribute to the evaluation section of his PhD thesis.

To submit your critique please visit the following link


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