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Overview of uTitle interface (timeline based comments of YouTube videos using twitter)

The embedded video below was submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23...

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Karen Cropper
18 June 2010

The embedded video below was submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23 June 2010) by Martin Hawksey.  Please add any comments or questions here.

Martin said "Hi Martin, Other Martin here - if you are brave and want to try something very experimental you could allow delegates to make timeline comments on the YouTube vids using twitter here:"

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Martin Hawksey
1:49pm 22 June 2010 (Edited 1:50pm 22 June 2010)

Tony Hirst (@pschemedia) has started commenting on Martin Weller's interview with Martin Bean here:

Martin Weller
9:54am 25 June 2010

Thanks Martin - I need to give this a good play at some time. It's a shame that Elluminate is 'closed' so we couldn't really pull in tweets to accompany talks. It would have been great to synchronize the twitter comments with the talks. It may be that the desire to integrate different media becomes sufficient enough a pull to stop using tools like elluminate. 

I think this is great - combing the backchannel with the presentation to create a realistic archive of the conversations has to be the way forward. Having disaggregated our conversations to many different spaces, we now need to reaggregate them.



Martin Hawksey
10:50am 6 July 2010

Ideas like the semantic web and linked data provide a tantalising glimpse or how sessions could be run and replayed with less 'glue', resulting in more user choice ;-)

Will Pollard
11:33am 20 February 2012

I started using SceneChat last week

It  adds a comment space to YouTube that posts to Facebook. Beta at the moment so I'm not sure if it is my copying of code or some other problem when I can't get it to work. Tumblr not so good but Blogger ok. Other networks and video will be available later. I have not tried Vimeo yet.

So commercial services will be available soon. Either scenechat or something else. The existing ones could build it in but I like the Scenechat idea of working with everything.

my first posts with this feature.

What nes on uTitle? Can't find much recent. 

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