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Animoto video produced by Tita Beaven

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Karen Cropper
18 June 2010

This Animoto video was produced by Tita Beaven and submitted for the Open University online 'Learning in an Open World' conference 22-23 June 2010.  The video was created using Camtasia:Mac to screen capture streaming from the Animoto site and then uploaded to YouTube to embed in this cloud.  A higher quality version can be viewed here:  There is an option in Animoto to export to video to upload to YouTube.

LORO connects OU staff, including associate lecturers, to the wider community.  You can store your own resources, share resources with the OU community or the external community.

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added by Karen Cropper


Carlos Montoro
12:46am 19 June 2010

Thanks for the video - it's really engaging. 

The project sounds very promising. I hope I can share my own materials with you soon. Yours are fantastic, as always.

Carlos Montoro

Martin Weller
9:42am 25 June 2010

Hi Tita

thanks for this - i like the funky music! Did you enjoy using Animoto? It seems to me the sort of tool every project/course can very quickly make an artefact in which explains what there are doing. It's good to mix up the graphics a bit too, so photos of team meetings, stuff in practice too. I often use it to capture the spirit of a conference.



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