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Reflections on the spotlight

This week we would like to reflect on the valuable discussions over the last three weeks and also...

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Gráinne Conole
21 June 2010

This week we would like to reflect on the valuable discussions over the last three weeks and also the discussions at the EDEN workshop in Valencia on 10th June. 

I think we have made great progress in terms of firming up our understanding of what Open Educational Practices are and how they might be used.

  • What should be our main priority as a research community taking this work forward?
  • What for you are the main research challenges?

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Patrick McAndrew
3:57pm 20 July 2010

I like the approach that this project has taken to bring out the "Open Educational Practices" that are implied by the "Open Educational Resources". I can see two particular steps for research:

- To work on the models and approaches that could be described as open educational practices and see what the barriers and benefits could be

- To gather the evidence of such work in action and then see what the barriers and benefits are.

Of course these are interlinked as the experiments and situations that we might suggest then lead to the evidence that is needed.

Although this is a relatively new field in itself it is also important that we learn from other experiences. For example it is very likely that as with any other innovation there will be issues of professional development, appropriate technology, and policy level support. Working openly gives some opportunities to address these in different ways and research that can highlight those differences may be particularly valuable.

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