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Using Online Video (YouTube) in EFL education

I have decided to choose this digital technology for the H800 end of course assessment. I will post...

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Julia Wells
22 June 2010

I have decided to choose this digital technology for the H800 end of course assessment. I will post my research data and experiences here for anyone else who chooses this option. If you have experience of:

Making your own YouTube videos

Teaching /learning experiences of YouTube (etc) videos - especially in an English as a Foreign Language context

I would love to read them.



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Nick Purkis
11:08am 29 June 2010

Hi Julia

I am also choosing this for my H800 ECA, but in a slightly different context. I teach a Health and Social Care degree programme to overseas students, and have included quiet a few embedded Youtube clips in my lectures. Some of my issues will be examining the barriers my students face with their English being as a foreign language.



Julia Wells
11:22am 6 July 2010 (Edited 11:22am 6 July 2010)

Hi Nick,

An interesting choice - if I come up with anything of use to you in my searches I'll post them here.

Just a quick thought, though, are there any translation tools that might work in some way with YouTube? The visuals are presumably OK, but could the text could be sent seperately, enabling them to translate before watching?


Emma Johnstone
9:44pm 15 September 2010

Hi Julia and Nick,

Have linked another Cloud I thought was relevant - it's not a translation tool but I assume it could be used as such to subtitle YouTube footage, or add relevant notes.  

I'm also writing about YouTube for my H800 ECA.  Mainly in the context of gymnastics coaching; being able to find examples of skills and progressions etc. for coaches and for gymnasts.  I have examples of clips with various skills labelled as they are performed (in a routine of linked skills) on the screen, or introduced in writing before a clip of the skill is performed.  


Emma Johnstone
7:01pm 24 September 2010

Anyone prefer TeacherTube over YouTube or vice versa?  Anyone consistently use both in either similar or dissimilar ways?

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