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ReCourse Tool

Institution: University of BoltonTitle of Learning Design or tool: ReCourse Learning Design...

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Lisa Corley
22 June 2010

Institution: University of Bolton
Title of Learning Design or tool: ReCourse Learning Design Editor
Short Description (optional): ReCourse is a tool to create IMS Learning Design compliant Units of Learning. It is free, open source, cross-platform and extensible. It was developed as part of the European-funded TENCompetence project.

IMS Learning Design is extensive and complex, and there are very few effective and easy to use tools available which teachers can use to produce Units of Learning which are compliant with the specification. TENCompetence has developed ReCourse to provide learning designers with a solution.

Highlights include:

  • A simplified authoring interface. Authors can create the main structure of the Unit of Learning from a single learning flow grid.
  • Support for authors’ workflow.
  • A plug-in architecture has been provided which can link the authoring activity with other tasks.
  • UOLs can now be published and populated with learners directly from the ReCourse editor. A single click launches the published UOL in a browser. Users can also register themselves on UOLs, if they have permission.
  • Access to repositories has been integrated, so that authors can find and store the UOLs that they are working on.
  • Further integration with the Personal Competence Manager 2.0 is currently underway, enabling authors to align UOLs with a competence framework Integration with the runtime system enables users to author services

Created using: ReCourse is written in Java using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform framework and is open sourced under a BSD-type licence. It is a modular system and can be easily extended by means of Eclipse-based plug-ins.
URL of Learning Design/tool:  
Open Source and available for download, a user guide is also available on the same page.

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