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Any comments, observations, thoughts or ideas?

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6 July 2010


Please add them here!!

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We are developing a sustainability toolkit and you can download a first draft from:

This first draft was developed as an output from the JISC Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology programme where the focus has been on sustaining e-learning innovations. The toolkit will now be updated to reflect the outputs from JIF2010 and the OER Symposium. We would very much like to receive your suggestions for developing the toolkit (as responses to this discussion) and we intend to hold an Elluminate session in September to discuss the updated toolkit and how it can be further developed. At the moment, the toolkit is in the form of a Word document, though we intend to publish it in other formats as well e.g. as a MindMap and Cloudworks site.

Peter Chatterton
08:21 on 30 July 2010

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11:22am 22 July 2010

Welcome to the JIF2010 discussion cloud!

Less than a week to go now, getting very excited about what should be a really dynamic event! 

Julia Ault
3:27pm 22 July 2010 (Edited 3:28pm 22 July 2010)

Just checking in to say hello. I am quite new to JISC Projects, so am hoping to garner plenty of hints, tips and advice from other more experienced Project people at the event.

Our project is only just getting underway - although my colleague Kathryn James is currently immersed in the Lit Review - but with the news today that the creation of the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David has just received Royal assent, we should be able to pick up speed rapidly now!

Trinity Building Capacity Project (Wales) is our project blog.

Looking forward to meeting you all next week!

Rosalind Penny
6:09pm 22 July 2010

Rosalind Penny - Director of Portfolio and Change Management at JISC

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to JIF2010.  We are very grateful to both JISC staff and colleagues from numerous institutions and partners for helping us put together what promises to be a useful and lively event.  I will be running a session on Day 1 on the Role of the Change Manager and  Jean and Sue from Derby University will share their approach and insights to this.  Please feel free to let me have any questions on this topic before the session or alternatively share your experiences of the change role.

See you soon.


Neil Chue Hong
3:05pm 23 July 2010

Neil Chue Hong - Director of the Software Sustainability Institute

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the JISC Innovation Forum. I will be one of the panellists in the first session on Day 1 on Understanding Sustainability and Doing It Better.

Let me know if you have any questions you'd like us to cover, or if you can't make the session feel free to hunt me out - I'll be around for both days.

The Software Sustainability Institute has been piloting "Sustainability Surgeries" for JISC projects - if you'd like to know more grab me at a break or email

Marie Arndt
9:19am 26 July 2010

Hi all,

I attended the JISC conference in London in April, and got a lot out of that. At the moment I am studying for the MA in Online and distance Education at the OU. After I was made redundant from my teaching post I have been doing some sessional teaching at the University of Reading. I am also in the process of setting up my own company, offering professional development for teachers of literature in English at A-level, with a blended learning approach. Hope to meet people at this conference who might be able to point me in useful directions to get my business going. I am building my website, please have a look at http://www.literatureworks. Feedback would be most welcome, as it is still a work in progress.




Harriet Dunbar-Goddet
12:44pm 26 July 2010

Just bought my train tickets, looking forward to seeing old colleagues/friends and making new ones!



Eddie Gulc
12:48pm 26 July 2010


I'm working on the Support & Synthesis project for the Curriculum Design and Delivery projects – see

Looking forward to finding out about all the other projects JISC are supporting!



Bruce Tate
8:50am 29 July 2010

I'm representing Connected Histories, a free federated search service accessing both free content and behind-paywall materials.

We're working on a launch event for March 2011 to take place at Senate House in London and wonder if any other digital project would like to join us \ share the event.

Do please pass the message on - be great to hear from you.


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